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Carte Hall – Certified Public Accountants of the Highest Integrity

Carte Hall Certified Public Accountants is committed to providing our clients accounting services with the highest degree of professionalism, technical competence, and integrity. Whether you would like to provide your in-house financial team with temporary assistance due to an unanticipated event or you are seeking full accounting support for your basic business accounting tasks, we can help. We are pleased to offer a range of financial and accounting solutions to help streamline your business operations.

Business Billing, Payments, Account Management and Support at a Fair Rate

Our accountants offer a wide range of independent services to meet the needs of your small business. Choose exactly what you need. We can develop a custom accounting package that meets your requirements at a fair rate. With Carte Hall Certified Public Accountants on your team, you can access the answers and advice you need anytime.

Bill Payment
Transaction Processing
Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable (AP/AR) Processing
Bookkeeping (Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual)
Financial Statement Preparation
Account Reconciliation (After-the-Fact Financial Statement Preparation)
Debt & Financing Services
Business Consulting

Why Should I Hire A Certified Public Accountant?

You know timely, accurate recordkeeping and financial processing is vital to the success of your business; however, as your business grows the process tends to become more time consuming and complex. When you want your business to thrive (not just survive), it makes sense to secure dedicated, strategic accounting services. Our professional accountants handle the financial details so you can get back to focusing on your business. Whether you are just starting out or operating a well-established business enterprise, we can provide accurate accounting and insightful financial consulting to help steer you toward your goals. From initial accounting system implementation to assistance with maintaining profits, tax planning and preparation, generating reports, account reconciliation and cost-containment efforts, strategic financial analysis. consulting, and in-house accounting software set-up and support, we’re with you every step of the way.

Accurate, Time-Saving Financial Transaction Services

Handling invoices, accounts, and billing consume a significant amount of your company’s resources. In some cases, you may be spending more time processing financial transactions than you spend working on your products and services. Carte Hall Certified Public Accountants can help eliminate much of this burden. We can process your invoices, clarify information, monitor account delinquency and handle debt collection, banking statements, billing, customer and financial tracking, and more. Then, we are able to create accurate, attractive, easy-to-understand financial statements and reports for your review.

Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable (AP/AR) Processing

Inefficient payment processing is one of the most common (and costly) business mistakes. No matter how good your company’s products and services, sluggish transaction speed or worse – inaccurate billing – can significantly impact your image and damage your bottom line. If you have been receiving increased reports of customer dissatisfaction (or prefer to avoid having your business name tarnished in the first place), contact us.

Relieve some of the burden on your in-house accounting team or let Carte Hall Certified Public Accountants take care of your important daily account processing with our efficient, accurate AP/AR processing service. When you and your customers receive precision account service, complaints are minimized, payment cycles are shortened, and you enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your transaction processing is optimized. It’s a smart move for any business.

Accounts Payable – Purchase-to-Pay (P2P)
Purchase Order and Invoice Handling
Billing Review, Approval, and Payment
Record-keeping and Reconciliation

Accounts Receivable – Order-to-Cash (O2C) and Record to Report (R2R)
Quotes, Processing, and Fulfillment of Orders
Purchase Orders and Invoices
Cash Receipt and Application
Credit Management
Collections Management
Budget and Account Reports, Analysis, and Advising
Record-keeping and Reconciliation

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It’s easy to set up professional accounting services with Carte Hall Certified Public Accountants. Just contact us to schedule a time to go over your company’s financial operations. Let us know what you would like us to do for you or we can provide recommendations for your consideration. We will take it from there.

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Professional accounting services can help make your business operations more efficient, less error-prone, and potentially more profitable by lowering your overall operating costs while building better customer and business relations. For the best chance of securing the results you know your company is capable of achieving, let us help. Carte Hall Certified Public Accountants is ready to empower your business and help you get to the next level. Contact us today: (304) 637-2369.

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